Wednesday, September 20, 2006

go to your rooms and don't come out until you can behave yourselves

Re: Pope’s comments angering Muslims.

I’m sick to death of it. Humanity can do some great stuff but, fuck, we’re a moronic bunch of fuckwits. When will this bullshit bickering and fighting end? I can’t stomach it.

Regarding this specific incident: irrespective of what the Pope actually meant, if he didn’t think he’d piss people off, he’s an idiot. And the people protesting: stop being so insecure about your damn religious beliefs.

Replace “Pope’s comments” with “cartoons about Mohammad” and the above paragraph remains the same.

All this crap for beliefs that I believe are based on fiction and myth. One can ask why my beliefs should be more valid than anyone else’s. That’s a whole other debate (a DEBATE, NOT a war), but it would be silly of me not to think they're more valid, or I wouldn’t believe them. My point is that, from this position, the fighting etc is just so damn absurd. If people are going to fight, the least they could do is fight over something that exists.

I don’t care if all this sounds intolerant and simplistic. And I'm tired of trying to reassure myself that the problems -- on any side -- come from an extreme minority. Maybe that's valid, maybe the majority of members of all major religions are moderate and tolerant. Whenever this rubbish happens, though, it's hard to feel reassured.

I’ve never let anybody’s religion colour my opinion of them as a person (there’s so much more to people than that, no matter how much people might think it defines them). That won’t change. But I’m so fucking sick of this crap. Grow up.


Anonymous Digby McFunt said...

What he should have done was what that Italian politician did - get the Mohammed cartoon printed onto a t-shirt and wear it on national television.

And maybe also sing "I see you Allah.....

...shaking that ass/shaking that ass "

Anyway, my theory: Ratzinger's got them dancing to his tune. He's openly stated his opposition to Turkey joining the EU, saying it would be 'ahistorical'. He's due to visit Turkey next month. We know what sort of reception will greet him - and how that will look to Europe.

He chose a fantastically inflammatory passage, but did it couched as a quote, so it's not a direct statement. Does anyone seriously think he couldn't see the reaction coming?

This is a Pope showing that the office still holds some world-shaping political power.

10:43 pm  

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