Tuesday, September 19, 2006

music and wrestling

Just spent the last half-hour watching videos of live Mountain Goats gigs on YouTube. It reaffirmed that I REALLY want to see them live. I think if I were ever to do something genuinely, extravagantly impulsive, it would be to fly half-way round the world just to see the Mountain Goats. Because I’m not likely to happen in the Philippines. Avril Lavigne is about as edgy as it gets here. I’ve seen some cool local music, especially at Conspiracy in Quezon City (studenty area of Manila). The only foreign performer I’ve seen in my 3 years here was Norah Jones. I wouldn’t say I’m a NJ fan. I’ve heard a few songs and some were really quite pleasant. But watching her at Araneta Coliseum – the country’s biggest venue, where the thrilla in Manila took place in 1975 – was a little like listening to a radio in a stadium.

So who else tours here? The BIG names in the past 3 years have included:

  1. Air Supply
  2. Toto

Yes, Toto. (I SHOULD have gone -- really, how many chances does one have in one's lifetime...?) I have a vague and disturbing recollection that Michael Bolton might have been here too. Little else needs to be said. It’s not all bad, though. A quick look at Araneta Coliseum’s upcoming events tells me that the WWE Smackdown Survivor Series is coming my way…


Anonymous Jeffrey said...

Wooh, That Regine Velasquez looks hot! And she plays from the 13th TO the 14th. Amazing!

2:48 pm  
Anonymous Sonja said...

You better be going to Smackdown.

8:02 am  
Anonymous Digby McFunt said...

Wombat knows he must do what's right. Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like a leopard over the Serengeti...

12:43 pm  
Blogger secret wombat said...

Toto's lyrical metaphor was underrated. Discuss.

11:19 am  

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