Thursday, November 09, 2006

credible sauce

In theory, SW is a science communicator. This may or may not give him the right to pontificate on companies appropriating scientific sounding language to give their products an air of credibility. For example:

Look at the neck of the bottle:

I know that the word “naturally” saves Del Monte from accusations of outright dishonesty, but:

  1. How many average punters would actually know what lycopene is? Hence, what is the value of saying something contains it, other than: “Ooooh, it sounds science-y, therefore it must be important!”

  2. Despite “naturally”, there’s still an implication that, specifically, Del Monte ketchup contains lycopene. As opposed to all those cooked tomato products out there that don’t contain lycopene.

But fear not – the explanation is on the back of the bottle, complete with a thoroughly excellent disclaimer:

Of course, "a low-fat, high-fiber diet rich in fruit and vegetables" is just window-dressing. If you live a healthy, active life until 97, it'll be almost entirely due to Del Monte ketchup. And “certain cancers” + “many factors” = HIGHLY DETAILED information. They forgot to add: “…and, you know…stuff.”

Still, you’d have to question the smarts of someone who, after a cigarette- and booze-induced heart attack tried to sue Del Monte. “But, your honour, I drowned my fries in that shit.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On a hunch I checked if Lycopene is what makes tomato juice so effective at getting rid of skunk spray odor.

It's not.

3:47 pm  
Blogger IOYC said...

Dear Wombat

You may enjoy this exchange I had with a Tea Firm (Lipton). They said that L-theanine helped with Alpha Brain Waves, increasing alertness and concentration.

Dear Lipton
I am concerned that it is caffiene rather than L-theanine which is providing the touted boost in thinking that you are promoting as one of the benefits of drinking tea. What's up with that? NB: I like tea.

Thank you for contacting us.

It is the specific interaction of l-theanine and caffeine in tea which overall produces a relaxed and alert state of mind- this is an effect unique to tea.

We appreciate your communication and are pleased that you enjoy our range of teas.

Dear Lipton
Thanks very much.

Coincidentally I have just returned from having a cup of tea and feel notably relaxed and alert. Now I can understand why!

Kind Regards

4:01 pm  
Blogger secret wombat said...

IOYC, yes I enjoyed your exchange and Lipton's offering of cold, hard evidence.

I'm also enjoying the Putin series, by the way.

11:44 am  

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