Friday, November 17, 2006

buck off

I visited Cambodia once, in 2001. Sure, Angkor Wat was a highlight, but nowhere near the best thing I saw. THAT was the sign for the appetising-sounding Angkor Chum Burger (photo here, courtesy of E, who was with me and was smart enough to buy an Angkor Chum Burger T-shirt).

While I can understand the need for intellectual property rights, I do rather enjoy seeing this sort of blatant rip off. Like the ‘Big Mak’ burger vans here in the Philippines. No photo, unfortunately, but McDonalds had their lawyers on the case. Not even a man-child idiot would’ve thought the Big Mak vans (with their truth-in-advertising chubby-kid logo) had anything to do with McDonalds, but I think the courts ordered the vans to shut down or change the name.

While in Cebu a couple of weeks ago, I came across this eerily familiar-looking establishment:

There’s no way anyone would think they ripped off another, somewhat larger and more insidious coffee shop. I DID try the coffee – it was actually OK but, just like the other buck, everything came in disposable fucking containers...

"But it's BIGbucks, your honour! BIG!"*

*SW's hypothetical court-of-law statements are clearly now a THING. And hereafter eagerly awaited by the punters.


Blogger Unknown said...

I`m addicted to well brewed,strong black coffee! Due to what seems a never ending extension session in Manila of revamping my visa;I always end up drinking coffee in the original.
What gives me the shits is the containers they dish it up in...Last time not in the best of moods I asked the counter jumper did they have a china cup, with a broad grin, he agreed they did...My answer then for "gawds sake serve the bloody coffee up in a cup not a lump of plasticised paper"It came forthwith,along with a scowl... a further scowl also when I suggested that he fill the bloody cup up.
at that moment I think arrogant Ozzies were not on his list of nice blokes to know.
While we are on the go; just have to bring your attention to newspaper reporting...Recently there was an accident where a truck ploughed into the sidewalk and killed a couple...It read something like this. "The driver lost control of his truck, it mounted the pavement and killed a taxi driver who was eating in a cafe . The waitress who was serving him was also killed. Extensive damaged was caused to the cafe,and the fence that was painted mauve"....????

10:45 am  
Blogger secret wombat said...

yep - Philippine news reporting can be pretty bizarre. I guess that taxi drivers sit above waitresses who sit above mauve-coloured fences in the Philippine hierarchy.

9:41 am  

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