Friday, January 20, 2006

number one career with a bullet

Given my current (major) career doubts, a few friends -- bless 'em -- have commented that my results (specifically the magazine I edit) are OK. Problem's not my ability that's the problem. It’s my motivation and (for lack of a better word) joy. Makes me think: my career so far, in terms of achievement, has been OK. Not stellar but reasonable, on a CV at least. I wonder what I might achieve if I found something I enjoyed more often than not. Like delivering wine orders. Driving around town...listening to radio...happy recipients...stopping off at bakery for lunch...praise for a mediocre job adequately done...sigh...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes Ads, just cos you COULD be a neurosurgeon does not mean its compulsory...

I suppose that if one is prepared to risk financial disaster for a short period, you could simply pursue exactly what you want to do and see if there is a living in it.

You are a good blogger, is this a clue?


12:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go for it, dude! Follow your heart before you will be a retired editor and look back at your great but dull career!

2:11 pm  

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