Friday, July 01, 2005

A symphony of industry and nature...

Just an email exchange between W and me today...


It’s funny – I think these high-schoolish games that we seem dismayed to be playing in our 30s are actually the norm (for our demographic, anyway – ie, middle-class, educated, liberal hipsters). Is L judgmental? It sounds like it from what you’ve said. Then again, maybe I’m wrong for not being judgmental. Maybe I should judge. But I have a policy of never judging the romantic/relationship goings-on of fellow adults because: 1) You almost NEVER know the whole story; 2) I have no reason to think that in certain circumstances I wouldn’t do the same thing; and 3) I think people are responsible for their own decisions and capable of living with any consequences. Me judging some sort of behavior (in this sphere – am not talking about violence, e.g.) as wrong or immoral just seems hypocritical and arrogant. There maybe exceptions, but in general it’s always greyer than it is black or white and people rarely do things callously, even if someone gets hurt.

Job – OK. Trying to discipline myself to work. More I do now the less chaotic and stressful it’ll be later when the deadline for the magazine approaches. As always, I often question what the hell I’m doing.



hmm, thanks, it's good to have you opinion on the matter, i wouldn't consider L judgmental but D thinks she can be a bit of a christian sometimes....and i don't think she's entirely impartial - when she found out about me and d she said she was a little jealous - and one minute she tells that D2's upset and lonely and i'm taking advantage of that, and the next she's telling me D2's using ME (think you addressed this in your point (3), ie. people being responsible for themselves)

.....anyhoo - i haven't seen her for a couple of weeks but am seeing a movie with her tomorrow arvo, so that'll be nice

any plans for the w-end?

hey i took a look at the instamatics website - really liked some of the stuff on their 'word up' page



OH yeah, you mentioned that L admitted a touch of jealousy (she’s only human) – that goes a fair way to explaining her mixed messages etc.

Am off to Subic this weekend – haven’t been before. It’s a sort of government-owned town / industrial park (Big fun!). Apparently it’s quite unlike the rest of the Philippines – well organized, well ordered, good infrastructure, enforced road rules etc. Like a slice of the developed world. Apparently it’s pretty interesting though. The tourism ad described it as “a symphony of industry and nature.” Sounds perfect to me: sure I love a pristine beach, but how much better if there’s a car factory a few minutes’ walk away?? But there is a tract of untouched forest (quite rare now I think) + mangroves and some nice places to hang. Or so I’ve heard.

The reason we’re going there (as opposed to somewhere else) is that M has hooked up with K (he is a lucky man) and Subic is reasonably close to where she lives and was one of few logistically easy destinations.


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