Friday, July 15, 2005

Saving the Turks

Below is an email thread from a couple of weeks ago. It begins with an email from a girl who works for the same organisation as me. I guess I’d describe her as a friendly acquaintance. While I am well aware that the Philippines is a pretty religious country, this caught me by surprise. At first I thought it might have been some sort of virus-propagated hoax but – regrettably – it turned out genuine.

My response is very short and doesn’t express an opinion. I toyed with the idea of writing about why I disagreed with J2’s plan, but in the end opted out. I doubt it would’ve made any difference and it might have soured friendships I have with other (less zealous) people here. I would love to chat with J2 about this, but I fear it would be a bit like arguing the case for evolution with a hardcore creationist – each side is carrying out an entirely different discussion to the other, and never the twain shall meet.

I would have also loved to point out the thick, rich, creamy irony in J2’s reply to my response (at bottom of this posting).

My housemate (J), who does believe in a god, but isn’t particularly into formal religion, also received J2’s email and pointed out in her response that she suspects her god might be more concerned about poverty/war/health/[insert your choice of human misery].

It did strike me that this might be a good way to score a cheap trip to Turkey, too. I’d have thought that converting people in 10 days is a pretty big ask.


God help the Turks.


From: J2
Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2005 5:00 PM
Subject: Do you know that ...?

Dear A,


Do you know that more than 99% of the population of Turkey is Muslims? Hence, there is a great need to reach out to this nation so that they may know who Jesus really is. And the great thing about this is we could be a part of this work and advance God’s kingdom in Turkey!

On October 2005, a team from Every Nation Ministries Short Term Missions Outreach will be going to Turkey. Moreover, I am glad to tell you that I will be a part of this outreach team to scout and pray for this land.

In line with this, I am presently developing a partnership team to cover my expenses of US$1,500.00. In order to obtain these necessary funds as quickly as possible, I trust the Lord to provide individuals who will make a one-time investment to become a member of my partnership team.

A, will you partner with me in this life-changing event of touching the lives of the Turks through a one-time commitment of US$500, US$300 or US$100?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Again, thank you very much.

With best regards,


Hi J2,

Sorry, but this isn’t something I can support. I don’t believe in the cause of converting people from one religion to another.



Hi A!

It's ok. I respect your beliefs. Thank you so much for replying in my email.



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