Saturday, April 24, 2010

Truth in advertising

SW had a very nice time in the Philippines thank you very much. He feels now like he inhabits two very different world: Oz-world and Phil-world. In each, he has different lifestyles, different friends, different diets...quite possibly different personalities, but it's hard for him to tell. He likes this two-world dichotomy, and he also likes it when they cross over -- when friends from one visit the other.

Here's a photo of a banner ad (a real one, not a web one, banners used to be 3-dimensional) in Manila. I commend Dan Eric for truth in advertising, and for evidently paying his model handsomely in kind.

I'd also like to know what "reefer" means in the following context:

Presumably something different to the reefers popular in the highbrow movies made by Cheech & Chong. In case you can't read the sign, it says:
For sale and lease
20/40 ft reefers

All reefers must go! It's reefer madness!