Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The great bruschetta-off

The food here is everything I'd hoped. If, in my bumbling-foreigner way, I'm choosing the poorer ristorante, trattoria and pizzeria, I can scarcely imagine what the good ones dish out.

Last night, I had good ol' tomato-and-basil bruschetta before a bloody divine spinach-and-ricotta ravioli in a sauce of sweet cherry tomatoes, zucchini and (I think) eggplant. The buschetta tasted rather similar to the one I make at home, which pleased and disappointed me simultaneously. Presumably this means I make a passable tomato-and-basil bruschetta. But, while I'm here, I want some kind of culinary transcendance, not confirmation.

Speaking of transcendance, I leave you with a piece of art I bought from some back-street Caravaggio near the Spanish Steps. Simply glorious. God onlyknows how somebody else didn't snap it up before I had the chance. It'll look divine on the bedroom wall back in Oz.

I call it "TomKat".

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Someone ELSE is making a comeback too

Yes, you heard it here first. Mark Latham is making a political comeback. You doubt? Here's the proof:

In the European Union elections, no less. He's changed his name to the picaresque "Roberto Gualtieri", but he can't fool me.


And you thought I'd lost it...




(This, by the way, is the lovely little pad that's mine for 2 weeks in Rome.)