Sunday, December 03, 2006


A title that befits the majestic terror of a typhoon, I believe.

Another update -- though it sounds like this has been getting some press outside the region. (And I suspect that EXTREMELY few people rely on SW for their news ... nevertheless, I will press ahead.)

Anyway - a couple of news reports here and here.

To sum up, Durian hit the Bicol Region (a few hundred km southeast of Manila) hard, especially the area around Mayon Volcano, which threatened to erupt a couple of months back. It didn't, but a lot of ash built up around it. When the typhoon hit, a lot of the ash and debris came down as mudslides and killed at least 400-or-so people (but with around that number still missing).

Here's a striking photo of trucks buried in mud with Mayon in the background. It's by Manny Marcelo of the Philippine Star newspaper. (I really should know if I can legally put this on my blog, but I don't.)

Hopefully that's the last typhoon this season, though I've heard that meteorologists are expecting one more.


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