Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Below are phots of some of the HEARTY and JOYFUL foods that M, M and I ate while in Kochi, Japan, a couple of weeks ago.

Katsukare. After-tennis food -- Japanese version of Indian curry (this one sevred with a crumbed pork cutlet) that is almost but not quite entirely unlike Indian curry (apologies to D Adams) ... good though, in its own special way.

Katsudon (crumbed pork cutlet on rice with egg mixed through it).

Okonomiyaki (sort of a cross between a pizza and a pancake, these with cabbage, cheese, pork, squid, prawns).

Katsuo tataki (regional specialty -- bonito flame-cooked over a straw fire, just to sear the edges).

... and katsuo tataki being cooked.

Little fish (which I didn't eat, but I like the photo ... ooooh ... repeating patterns ... oooh ... few colours ... ooooh ...).

Sui gyoza (pork dumplings, steamed and served in broth; usually fried and eaten with ramen noodles).

Ramen noodles.

Man cooking ramen noodles.

And here is a photo of the food I returned to, in my work cafeteria:

Entirely unlike shepherd's pie. And guaranteed TEPID. Mmmm.

Ah well. As Ned Kelly supposedly said, such is life. And I think our situations are comparable.


Blogger Lone Gopher said...

And it gets sucher and sucher.


3:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After seeing the TEPID shep. pie, I finally understand the need for double-triple flush action.


9:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your photos, Womb.

10:42 pm  
Blogger secret wombat said...

Thanks Digs. Could do with a shot of chicken rice, mind. Nice link...

7:21 pm  

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