Wednesday, July 12, 2006

merry christmas

From today's Sydney Morning Herald:

PM Howard jeered by protesters

About 100 people, angry at the federal government's industrial relations reforms, have jeered and booed Prime Minister John Howard as he arrived at a function in Sydney's west.

A heavy police presence surrounded Mr Howard as he arrived at the Blacktown Workers Club just after 10.30am on Wednesday.

The protesters waved union flags and banners attacking the government's workplace changes.

Mr Howard's convoy pulled up outside the club, but he ignored the protesters who chanted "John Howard, go home, hey hey, ho ho".

Really, I'm with the protesters on this, but "John Howard, go home, hey hey, ho ho"??? Not sure how much time went into coming up with that.

My favourite (not my own) remains: "John Hunt is a coward."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the chant what suposed to be

Hey Hey, ho ho
John Howard got to go

I still like
one, two, three and a bit
John Howard is full of shit.

8:12 am  

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