Thursday, June 15, 2006

stuck with you is not simply a huey lewis song

You may think, given the previous post, that SW is back in the Philippines. You would be WRONG. No, SW's travel agent in Manila is being SPECIAL. A few weeks back, SW asked travek agent to change D's return date to 26 June, so she could visit peeps in Albany and Adelaide. No problems AT ALL. However, just before boarding the flight to Melbourne (SW's current locale, after attending A&P's wedding on Saturday and then LIVING IT UP on the coast near Lorne from Sunday-Tuesday), SW discovered that HIS return date had also been so changed. By this time, the original return flight on 14 June (yesterday) was full. So the last few days have involved MUCH FUN trying to sort out a return flight. Currently it's this Saturday, but that's yet to be confirmed. Though it has to be said I'm not all that cut up about the extra days here, flitting around Fitzroy from the base provided by the most generous W.


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