Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Nothing today other than a link to a BBC photoessay on Manila slums...

...and a photo of a sign at the front of a school here in Los Banos.

Dear Principal Killjoy: in MY day, I'd flaunt haircut prescriptions (flaunt them, I say!) while selling cigarettes and betting on two-up with my frat-house mates. And that was just at recess. At lunch, I'd solicit the year 10 girls while casually fiddling with my earrings. And bugger me if I didn't happen to forget my P.E. uniform on Thursday. I yearn for those good ol' days, and neither you, sir, nor your ilk, will take them away from me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the sign say?
No bare feet.
What's THAT sign say?
No fighting.
What's that mean?
No fighting.
You owe me one gumball machine. What's that candy wrapper doing there? Well DON'T YOU SEE IT? Well PICK IT UP

12:49 pm  
Blogger secret wombat said...

There's not a situation on earth where CS isn't relevant in some way...

6:11 pm  

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