Wednesday, January 18, 2006

this morning

Things that went wrong this morning:

  1. knocked coffee plunger jar into sink and broke it
  2. used espresso thingy instead and forgot to insert filter, resulting in black coffee-mud oozing out
  3. top of milk container (UHT; fresh milk here is rare and/or unreliable) ripped off, causing spillage
  4. arrived at work 45 min late instead of 30 min late and boss happened to be facing his open office door, therefore noticing my arrival
  5. procrastinated for first 2 hours despite swearing that I wouldn’t because it only leaves me stressed later.
Also this morning, I came out of the blog closet and let a few friends know I have one (THIS one). Hello to J, who has known about this for months, but didn't know I knew (nice work discovering it, though). As I mentioned in my email, I'm not at all convinced this is worth a look, but welcome to anyone who does...


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