Wednesday, August 17, 2005

getting to the point

From an email to S... I am at 8.43pm, still in the office. I seriously need to get out of this habit of staying long hours when I don't need to. Tonight I came back to the office after soccer and thought I'd just tidy some things up, and here I am 2 hrs later. I need to discipline myself to do things like turn my computer off before I go to soccer or whatever.

Re: pointlessness - I agree. I don't believe there's any point or porpoise to anything. I believe individual lives can have a point/porpoise though. This is most likely just a device I use to avoid a feeling of utter pointlessness. Then again, I don't have a problem with pointlessness. But I do think that one is likely to feel a bit more content/fulfilled if one has a point to work towards. That is quite possibly a socially conditioned (or maybe partly innate?) way of thinking - philosophically I can't see why people couldn't have rich lives without any point (beyond enriching their lives by having fun or snorting bleach or whatever). Though I guess I feel some sort of moral imperative to "make the world better" -- even if only in a miniscule way. How one defines what is "better" is of course very subjective.

I do often wish I could shed all the social pressure (much of it self-imposed) to adhere to certain ways of life and really do something that isn't "sensible". Not sure what exactly, but it probably involves travel. The problem is that I seem to be entirely entrenched in a system that requires some sort of income. But probably considerably less than most people would have me believe.


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