Tuesday, July 18, 2006

the slow cut

Below is the large sports field (Baker Field) on the University of the Philippines Los Banos campus. The size of the people walking across it should give you a sense of scale. It fits 3 or 4 soccer pitches on it.

How would you mow the lawn here? Ride-on mower? Push mower? No? How about a whipper-snipper? THAT'S more like it!

I guess the uni doesn't have the budget for anything more. But it's certainly a good way to turn a couple-hour job into something where you almost have to start again at the other end when you finish.

The lawn at my apartment gets cut with one of these, too. It would take maybe 15 minutes with a regular mower. With the whipper-snipper, it takes a couple of hours -- usually starting at 7:30 on a weekend morning.

Note that I'm not being condescending or complaining (except for the Saturday morning bit) -- merely observing. So don't judge, damn you.


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