Monday, February 27, 2006

here comes the sun -- to Joe's @ LB!

This speaks for itself, really.

It's an issue from sometime in 2002 and it's one of the many stellar publications available for perusing at "Joe's @ LB", a little Italian eatery (belied by the ultra-techie "@" symbol in the name, which -- deceptively! -- seems to imply some sort of internet cafe) and the only restaurant in town where you can 1) get OK wine, and 2) sit around and take your time over dinner. Many Filipino restaurants serve your food almost before you've finished ordering. It's not uncommon to see notes next to menu items that warn: "Please allow 10 minutes for this dish." Admittedly, though, if it's a busy night, Joe's can take rather longer than "leisurely". It's best avoided if you're starving.

Some of the other titles in Joe's eclectic reading list include various Filipino gossip mags, various Italian gossip mags, in-flight magazines of varying ages (none post-2001), an Australian New Idea and, bizarrely, the Adelaide University course outline from 1999. Joe's also features an equally eclectic collection of "art" on the walls, including Italian-themed prints (fair enough), tacky non-endorsed Australian Indigenous prints, and a photo of a group of men who look like Russian mafioso.

I also like Joe's because they have a big poster with a long list of available Italian foods and not only are some of them not available, none of the staff know what they are.


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